Data integration without limits.

Data integration, information management, data management or system integration – there are many terms for Yoonite’s field of work. Put an end to the silo mentality, stand-alone solutions and “desk data management”. Instead, take advantage of Yoonite‘s advantages: a clear view of the data jungle, fast access and optimum use of relevant information – even with very large amounts of data.

The highly flexible Yoonite application framework has proven itself over many years of use. It can be tailored precisely to specific project goals and flexibly integrated into any IT landscape. Because all components are already available, it also offers you clear cost advantages over a custom solution specially adjusted for you.

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Merge and join data without migration.

As soon as the project goals are defined and the relevant data is identified, we merge and join them with Yoonite from various sources. As a result, we get “cultured data”. This data – of a in such way growing integrated system – can be viewed, linked, analyzed and used for a variety of business processes in the simplest possible way.

The effort for your company is conceivable small. Complex migration processes can be omitted. Interface issues won’t occur, cause Yoonite includes some universal cross-border “data adapter”.

Your advantages with YOONITE:

  • Uniform, central data management.
  • More transparency through an integrated system.
  • Effective use of information.
  • Resources and other KPIs always in view.
  • Easier recognition of errors.
  • More reliable predictions – control through knowledge.
  • Auditability.