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Details about our services.


  • Requirements analysis/requirements engineering
  • Actual/target review
  • Data and process analysise
  • Identification of data potential
  • Scope definition
  • Solution design

Project Management

  • Constant monitoring of results and adjustment of targets
  • Immediately usable partial results, therefore low investment risk
  • Quick response to changes from findings of partial results


  • Customizing – not a conventional code-level implementation
  • Rapid application development
  • Fast implementation of solutions
  • Free application design
  • Fast integration and use of any inventory data


  • High availability
  • High scalability
  • High integration capability
  • Granular access authorization
  • Auditable changes (historization)
  • Available on any platform without modification of clients
  • Cloud-ready and available mobile
  • Management views (dashboards)
  • General and comprehensive solutions (industry-, subject- and problem-independent)
  • Uniform, central data storage
  • Role-based and process-specific data presentation

Training & Workshops

  • Customer-specific user training and workshops
  • Customizing and implementation workshops
  • Solution and design workshops
  • High client proximity through individual support

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